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Type: Board or Commission
Meeting location: Galvan House - Heritage Park, 1581 N. Chaparral, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

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November 2021

Nov, 2021

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Abu Waheeduzzaman Board Member11/11/2021 9/1/2024      
Carolyn M. Mauck Board Member
Termed-out: 9/1/2023
12/19/2017 9/1/2023      
James Moore Chair8/27/2019 9/1/2022      
Jody Perkes Hughes Board Member8/27/2019 9/1/2022      
Nicholas P. Gignac Board Member
Termed-out: 9/1/2023
12/19/2017 9/1/2023      
Sara Morgan Board Member11/11/2021 9/1/2024      
Sharon Sedwick Board Member
Termed-out: 9/1/2022
8/27/2019 9/1/2022      
Shelly M. Rios Staff9/27/2016 9/1/2030      
Simone Sanders Board Member8/18/2020 9/1/2023      
Wallace W. Echols Jr. Board Member
Termed-out: 9/1/2022
11/11/2021 9/1/2024      
The Arts & Cultural Commission recommends the use, location, lease or purchase of works of art to be considered a part of the beautification or cultural development of the City; to advise owners of private property in relation to beautification of their properties; to prepare specifications for the maintenance of works of art and to inspect such work for the guidance of the City departments concerned; to advise with respect to the design of buildings, bridges or other structures on city property if submitted to the Commission; to study and evaluate the activities in and the uses made of the Bayfront Arts & Science Park, and to plan the Park's development for the future activities and uses.