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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Airport Board Board or CommissionInternational Airport Board Room 1000 International Blvd. C.C., TX. 7840612 
Animal Care Advisory Committee Board or CommissionAnimal Care Facility Conference Room, 2626 Holly Rd.7 
Arts and Cultural Commission Board or CommissionGalvan House - Heritage Park, 1581 N. Chaparral, Corpus Christi, TX 784019 
Audit Committee CommitteeCity Hall, 6th Floor Conference Room5 
Board of Adjustment Board or CommissionCity Hall, Council Chambers.  
Building Standards Board Board or CommissionCity Hall, Council Chambers.7 
City Council Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers9 
City Council Ceremonial Meeting City Council Ceremonial MeetingCity Council Chambers9 
City Council Workshop City Council WorkshopCouncil Chambers9 
Civil Service Board Board or Commission 1 
Civil Service Commission Board or Commission 1 
Commission on Children & Youth Board or CommissionCity Hall, 1st Floor Staff Conference Room2 
Committee for Persons with Disabilities Board or CommissionCity Hall City Council Chambers9 
Construction Trade Advisory & Appeals Board Board or Commission2406 Leopard Street, Frost Bank Building, Fire Department's Conference Room, 3rd Floor  
Corpus Christi B Corporation - Type B Type B BoardCouncil Chambers7 
Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation - Type A Type A BoardCity Council Chambers7 
Crime Control and Prevention District Board Board or Commission   
Ethics Commission Board or CommissionCity Hall, Fifth Floor - ACM Conference Room9 
Human Relations Commission Board or Commission   
Island Strategic Action Committee Board or CommissionPadre Island Baptist Church 14253 S. padre Island Dr. C.C. TX. 7841814 
Landmark Commission Board or CommissionCity Hall, Council Chambers.11 
Library Board Board or CommissionLa Retama Central Library Board Room, 2nd Floor9 
Marina Advisory Committee Board or CommissionLawrence Street T-Head, Boater's Facility8 
Municipal Court Committee Committee 4 
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Board or CommissionCity Hall, Basement Training Room11 
Planning Commission Planning CommissionCouncil Chambers10 
Planning Commission Workshop Planning CommissionCouncil Chambers1 
Reinvestment Zone No. 2 - Island CorporationsCouncil Chambers13 
Reinvestment Zone No. 3 - Downtown CorporationsCouncil Chambers12 
Reinvestment Zone No. 4 - North Beach CorporationsCouncil Chambers15 
Reinvestment Zone No. 5 - BOCO CorporationsCouncil Chambers7 
Senior Corps Advisory Committee Board or CommissionGalvan House - Heritage Park, 1581 N. Chaparral, Corpus Christi, TX 784015 
Sister City Committee Board or CommissionEngineering Conference Room - 3rd Floor10 
Special City Council Meeting Special City Council Meeting 8 
Transportation Advisory Committee Board or CommissionCity Hall, Council Chambers6 
Watershore and Beach Advisory Committee Board or CommissionStaff Conference Room 1st Floor, City Hall.9