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Type: Board or Commission
Meeting location: Padre Island Baptist Church 14253 S. padre Island Dr. C.C. TX. 78418

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June 2024

Jun, 2024

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Alan Guggenheim Board Member4/16/2024 3/23/2027      
Charles F. Duffley Board Member4/12/2022 3/23/2025      
Cheryl Segrest Board Member11/14/2023 3/23/2025      
Craig Thompson Board Member4/12/2022 3/23/2027      
Kamran Zarghouni Board Member4/16/2024 3/23/2027      
Marvin Jones Board Member4/11/2023 2/23/2027      
Meagan Furey Board Member4/12/2022 3/23/2025      
R. Bryan Gulley Board Member4/16/2024 3/23/2027      
Robert Corbett Board Member4/12/2022 3/23/2025      
Robert Pruski Board Member3/30/2021 3/23/2027      
Roy Coons Board Member4/12/2022 3/23/2025      
Stephen Armstrong Board Member11/14/2023 3/23/2025      
Terry A. Palmer Board Member4/11/2023 3/23/2027      
William Hibbs Board Member4/16/2024 3/23/2027      
The Island Strategic Action Committee (ISAC) advises the Mayor and City Council on development and implementation of the Mustang-Padre Island Area Development Plan. The ISAC shall develop specific strategies for implementation of the Mustang-Padre Island Development Plan with specific timelines to implement the respective strategies and a clear determination of which agency or individual is responsible to implement specific projects or programs.